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What makes The Health and Lifestyle Register one of the leading directory sites for health consultants in the UK?

We only deal with original listings. We review all consultants listed with us and only include those in our directory that offer genuine and quality services. Every listing on our site is of premium quality with its individual page link or URL.

Why “The Health and Lifestyle Register”?

Only certified and verified listings

  • Discreetly optimised sites
  • Top-notch quality sites
  • Only the best service providers in the industry

What information should I provide for listing?

  • Business name
  • Contact number
  • Website URL
  • Senior contact person
  • Email address
  • Address of the centre

Who reads the information?

People all over the UK take help of web directories for whatever information they need. If someone is in need of alternative medicines in the UK, reaching the names listed with us requires one click only. Our visitors are the ones who read the information offered.

What is the purpose of this website?

The goal of this web directory is to offer business reach and visibility to the consultants registered with us. Companies listed in our web directory get a multitude of clients to whom they can cater to.

Why is it necessary to keep the listing updated?

Offering the right information when customers visit your consultancy service website through the listing offered in our web directory helps you to enjoy increased customer reach/online visibility. Giving them an outdated email ID or contact number is of no use and your business will miss out on an active lead.

Why should the businesses’ information be updated on a regular basis?

Keeping the business information updated at a regular interval helps you maintain a comprehensive track of the leads you get here. If someone searches for health consultants in the UK and calls a number that is no longer in use, then you lose a valuable lead which no business wants.